How to get the best from your Roller Banner !

Below are a few hints and tips to help you get the best of your Banner.

1. Logo first : we suggest you keep your logo at the top of your banner, it should be the first thing people notice: 

2. Information Set Up is so important: Remember we all used to reading from top to bottom and left to right so remember this when filling your banner with information. Now that they have seen your logo show them what you do.So how about a picture of your work or of a promotion you have on.

3. Choosing your images:make sure the all images are high quality images at least 300dpi and saved as CMYK for great quality print.If your images are low quality the images will be blurred when printed.

4. Choose the right colours: The right colours will make you stand out! Bright colours like red and orange can really grab the attention but be sure to avoid using yellow and white together as it will be really hard to make out any information, especially from distance.

5. Contact details: Yep! Don’t forget your contact details.Include your website, contact number and or email address.

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