Double Sided Roller Banners

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Durable, long lasting and high quality, our roller banners are designed and made to last. Each includes a lightweight carry case, which is perfect for transporting your branding or promotion to and from events, trade show displays or from office to office.

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Artwork Guide

Here’s a quick checklist for setting your artwork up for poster printing.

  • The finished size of a standard roller banner is 800mm x 2000mm, so set your artwork up at 806mm x 2006mm to add 3mm bleed to both sides
  • Set your colour mode as CMYK
  • Use high resolution images (at least 300dpi)
  • Embed or flatten your fonts

How to make a roller banner

If you want to design your own rollers banners through your in-house design team, it’s quick and easy to get set up and begin creating your masterpiece. Whether you’re wanting to use Photoshop, InDesign, Adobe Illustrator or another design software you may have, we have a handy template which you can download and open in your chosen program.

The finished size of a pop up banner or roller banner is 800mm x 2000mm, so set your artwork up at 806mm x 2006mm to allow a 3mm bleed to both sides. To ensure the best result once printed, set your colour mode as CMYK and only use high-resolution images (at least 300dpi). Anything less will come out grainy or distorted which doesn’t look great when you’re trying to impress future customers. As we might not have them on our system, please also make sure you embed or flatten your fonts too, otherwise these might not be printed as expected.

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Should I choose standard or premium roller banner printing?

Our premium roller banners and pop up banners have a luxury base cassette that gives them a sleek, professional look at any big event. They also come with a sturdy, padded carry case. Why not upgrade to premium for that extra impact!

What if I don’t have a roller banner design?

No design? No problem! You can add our design service with you banner and our design tea will have a design for you in 48 hours .

Need to know more? Keep scrolling to find out more about the high-quality roll up banners .

How do I upload my roller banner design?

Please email  your artwork to , with your order number as subject.Please note we cannot start processing your order until all artwork is received and approved. 

What material are your roller banners printed on?

We print our roller banners on 220mic PVC stock, which is a strong and flexible plastic material.

How big is the carry case?

The dimensions of your free carry case are 85cm x 10.2cm x 10.2cm for single sided banners and 88cm x 23cm x 24cm for double sided.

How heavy are your pop up banners?

Single-sided roller banners weigh approx. 3kg. Double-sided roller banners weigh approx. 4.2kg.

How fast will I receive my roller banners?

All of our roller banners and pull up banners go through an extensive 10-point quality check process to ensure you receive exactly what you’ve ordered at the highest quality. Turnaround for Roller banners is 48 hours  for example orders which are approved by 4pm Monday will be printed and dispatched Tuesday then Delivered Wednesday. Please ensure you allow for enough time for your artwork and order to reach us and for it to be approved.

What should I do if I have any more questions?

If you have any further questions or need to talk to someone; a friendly and experienced member of the team will always be on hand to help and advise where possible. You can get in touch either by emailing

What if I don’t have a pop up banner design?

No artwork yet? No problem! No design? No problem! You can add our design service with you banner and our design tea will have a design for you in 48 hours . *Please note, this will affect your delivery date.

How to put a pop up banner up

Roller banners are a quick and easy way to attract attention at an event, trade show or even in your office. Whether you’re setting them up permanently or are assembling and disassembling them regularly, here are a few tips on how to put your pop up banner up.

Check out the assemble Tab for  detailed instructions.


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